Both Lubella and its wholegrain products have been awarded with numerous prestigious distinctions and prizes which include:

  • Golden Receipt 2012 (Złoty Paragon 2012) for Lubella Whole Grain Nest and Ribbon Pasta 
  • Golden Receipt 2011 (Złoty Paragon 2011) for Lubella Whole Grain Pasta
  • Commerce Hit 2011 (Hit Handlu 2011) for Lubella brand
  • Polish Product’s Business Card 2010 (Wizytówka Polskiego Produktu 2010) for Lubella brand
  • Quality International Emblem 2009 (Godło Quality International 2009)
  • FMCG Market Pearl 2009 (Perła Rynku FMCG 2009) for Lubella Whole Grain Flour
  • “Świat Kobiety” Magazine’s Super Product of 2008 (Superprodukt roku 2008) for Lubella Whole Grain Pasta
  • Top Innovation 2008 (Top Innowacja 2008) for Lubella Whole Grain Pasta
  • Commerce Hit 2007 (Hit Handlu 2007) for Lubella Whole Grain Pasta
  • Market’s Peal 2007 (Perła Rynku 2007) for Lubella Whole Grain Pasta
  • HoReCa Partner of the Year 2006 (Partner Roku 2006 HoReCa) for Lubella Brand
  • Promotional “Poland Now” Emblem (Godło Promocyjne Teraz Polska)
  • Consumer Quality Mark (Konsumencki Znak Jakości)
  • Polagra Gold Medal (Złoty Medal Polagra)

In December 2014, “Rzeczpospolita” daily published the rank of the most expensive and valuable Polish brands. It was created basing on the appraisal and measurement of brand’s recognition, its popularity, sympathy for products contributing to brand’s value. Lubella was ranked first among the most valuable brands in the “Other food products” category and second in the “Strongest brands of 2014” category. Additionally, the brand was ranked high in terms of consumer loyalty, prestige and quality.