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What to eat wholegrain products with

Wholegrain products may be combined with others without a problem. The trend of not combining carbohydrates with fats is present everywhere, but we should rather follow the requirements of our organism. Of course, diet has to be balanced correctly in terms of different nutrients, but mainly with regard tp what we like to eat and what we find tasty. From a dietary point of view - every meal should contain carbohydrates, proteins, vegetable and animal fats - with the dominance of the first ones.


The way of eating is important for a human throughout his entire life. It has an effect on many health-related factors, deciding on their mutual interactions. It has been proven long time ago that there is a strict correlation between health condition and nutrition and choice of nutrients. 

Whole grain + cheese = delicious dish 

Wholegrain pastas create a flavour harmony with almost every kind of cheese. However, different dishes have their favourites. 

  • Hard cheeses (e.g. Sokół, Podlaski, Mazdamer, etc.) match all pasta-based baked dishes perfectly, 
  • blue cheeses (e.g. D’or Blue, Lazur) extract the depth of flavour of pasta combinations with poultry, pork, beef and nuts, 
  • fresh cheeses (e.g. Mozarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, goat cheeses) provide a quintessence of taste when combined with vegetables, as well as fruits and delicate fish. 

Parmesan is the unquestionable king among cheeses used with pasta. It is recommended for every type of dish prepared basing on pasta and it may be combined with practically every ingredient, with the exception of seafood and fish. 

Wholegrain + meat or vegetables = delicious dish 

Wholegrain pasta may be combined with different kinds of meat or vegetables. It all depends on personal taste preferences. Poultry, especially turkey and chicken breast, is the perfect meat to use with wholegrain pasta, This kind of meat is rich in proteins and contains group B vitamins, as well as phosphor and potassium. One of the form of preparing poultry is to boil it without skin in water. Then it preserves the most of nutrition values and therefore dishes are delic ate and tasty.

The most popular vegetable which creates a perfect duet together with wholegrain pasta is the tomato. Thanks to it the pasta delivers all of its flavour values and after adding basil and mozzarella you can receive a tasty and most importantly a quick meal. It is irrelevant what kind of tomatoes we are going to use, whether this is going to be a fresh or canned tomato. Pasta dishes with addition of tomatoes require just some good quality olive oil (preferably virgin oil). Having followed these steps, we are going to receive a filling and most importantly a delicious dish for the entire family. Let’s not get limited to tomatoes only when combining pasta with vegetables. You can prepare tasty dishes also when composing pasta with e.g. courgette, eggplant, different-coloured bell peppers, olives, broccoli or spinach.