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Balanced Breakfast

Balanced diet may provide organism with valuable vitamins, minerals and fibre, thus having a beneficial effect on its condition. The choice of everyday meals is not only a matter of taste, but health for the most part and that is why knowledge of nutrition values has considerable importance.


Including wholegrain products in daily diet is a good decision. They support various processes taking place in the organism and improve well-being. That is why it is worth using them when preparing the most important meal of the daily menu - the breakfast. Whole grain is used mainly in bread production. Nutritious sandwiches in the morning are an investment in a good day, therefore bread (or bread rolls) should be garnished with some additions with features valuable for the body. The less monotonous meals we eat, the better for us and that is why sandwiches, apart from including wholegrain bread, should also include both cold meats and dairy products. 

Breakfast can be diversified also by using wholegrain cereal. Similar to brown bread, they also include the most valuable part of grain: the bran. Thanks to that, wholegrain cereal become the source of magnesium, iron, folic acid and many other ingredients which support correct functioning. When combined with milk or natural yoghurt, they become the perfect base for culinary creativity. In the morning we should supply the body with a hearty portion of energy, therefore we also recommend using a sweet source of vitamins and healthy sugars, in the form of fruits. If we do not have fresh pears or strawberries at hand, dried apricots and cranberries will be as good of an addition. In order to enrich the flavour we can choose nuts, honey or cinnamon. Each of those ingredients has its specific nutrition features and thanks to that breakfast will gain some additional value. 

An omelette prepared with wholegrain flour will also be a filling and tasty dish at the same time and it is possible to make it brut or sweet as well. Depending on preference and availability of products, fruits, nuts, mascarpone cheese or even pesto may be used as an addition for an omelette. Preparing such meal does not involve particular effort and the final effect is truly delightful. It is worth spending time to prepare and eat a wholesome breakfast. Not only will it provide a required portion of energy, but it will also improve our frame of mind. It appears that the meal given the least attention requires the most of it. 

Yoghurt with mousse
Omelette with penne pasta and vegetables
Brown bread French toast with radish
Strawberry sandwiches