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Wholegrain in children’s diet

Wholegrain in children’s diet Children love healthy food. Children love healthy food. The problem is, not always do they realize it. Kids will get used to the things we serve them ourselves, therefore children menu should be also arranged with particular attention. The main mistake lies in the assumption that certain tastes are too difficult for children to adopt. Development of correct dietary habits will cause an apple to become the obvious substitute for a cookie.


The thing which will encourage kids to reach for a specific dish is its look. If we ensure that a plate will contain  lively colours which are pleasant to the eye, we will get the child interested in it. The Internet is full of materials presenting fantasy meals prepared with the young ones in mind, resembling toys rather than food. Their preparation requires time and a lot of work, though. In everyday conditions you can afford to serve a carrot cake for your little ones, using wholegrain flour or make cookies using nourishing ingredients. It is important to replace ordinary sugar with naturally sweet products or at least use honey and its benefits. Supper dishes also have a chance to gain value thanks to wholegrain products. Pearl barley cutlets with tomato sauce are one of the proven recipes for the young ones. All sorts of meatballs are just a more convenient solution since they can also be served with parboiled vegetables, beets or even cranberries. The most important thing is to smuggle as many nutrition values in a meal as possible, preserving its attractive looks at the same time. Another way is to serve pancakes loved by children which can also be prepared using wholegrain flour. In case of an savoury version it is worth choosing cheese, spinach or tuna. We also recommend wholegrain pasta, especially since eating spaghetti is a lot of fun for kids and happy kids are always good to cooperate with. 

Children’s menu should be diversified. We should encourage our youngsters to choose more healthy dishes and with time it will become their habit and they will make more healthy choices naturally. Everything is a matter of habit and method of serving which leads to a conclusion that preferences of children and adults are not completely different. Sometimes all it takes is to serve them wholegrain cereal and a banana instead of oversweetened and stuffed biscuits. 

Pearl barley cutlets
Wholegrain spaghetti Neapolitana 
Flatbread with chard, prosciutto and feta cheese