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You are what you eat - but do you know what you eat? Have you ever wondered what bread - so frequently present at our homes - is made of? A baking does not always match a different baking, therefore it is worth taking notice of the quality of eaten bread. One thing is certain: home-baked goods are the best solution. 

Is there a person among us unresponsive to the scent of fresh bread, so invitingly spreading around bakery? And what if we introduce it to our own homes? Self-baked bread allows us to appreciate remarkable taste and smell and also enables us to choose ingredients with full awareness at the same time. It is neither time-consuming nor expensive. A baking will become even more nutritious if we decide to use wholegrain flour - rye, spelt or wheat.

The main difference between wholegrain flour and the so-called white flour lies in the grain cleaning process. The more advanced it is, the less beneficial features it leaves. The wealth of grain is actually found in its coating, or in other words: the bran. It is not without a reason that brown bread baked from wholegrain flour is recommended for diets of people who are slimming or coping with diabetes. Fibre found in bran does not dissolve in the bowels and allows to avoid constipation. It also has an effect on the circulatory system, decreasing the risk of developing heart diseases. Wholegrain products are rich in vitamin B3 which regulates the function of the nervous system. Magnesium presents similar properties, in addition also supporting muscle function. Fitness of the skin also depends on the quality of eaten bread, which depends e.g. on zinc.  As you can see, it is possible to obtain a lot really, with such a minute contribution - all you need to do is reach for wholegrain bread. Or, what is even more beneficial, bake it at your own. 

The ability to create whatever flavour combinations that suit you is an enormous advantage of home-made bakings. Brown bread will prove itself in a duet with pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Olives are also an interesting variation which together with wholegrain bread creates an interesting and delicious composition. On the other hand, bread with cranberries, especially freshly baked is a perfect snack. Sweet accents can also be found in bakings with raisins or plums with a natural complement in form of jam. 

Self-made wholegrain bread brings a number of benefits, both health- and flavour-oriented. Baking it does not involve difficulties and the effect is worth every minute spent on preparing it.  

Wholegrain bread with honey
Wholegrain bread with sunflower
Chocolate bread