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What does your meal at work look like? A sandwich? If yes, then you should change it as quickly as possible! The main problem in case of preparing lunch is time or rather lack of it. Having considered that, it is worth planning your meals and making them in quantities sufficient for two days. Another difficulty is to have an idea, but we can also solve this. Our portion of inspiration will make your lunch breaks even more anticipated. 

Pasta; a keyword which unlocks countless culinary possibilities. It is a very flexible partner, thanks to this it suits every taste variation. Pasta made with whole grain supplies the body with a dose of valuable nutrition features. Preparing it does not involve a lot of effort and you can always find ingredients in your fridge, thanks to which it is possible to quickly compose a nutritious dish. All it takes is half an hour to chop the ingredients, season them and stir-fry on a frying pan. The most simple and yet a very healthy version is pasta covered only with olive oil, frequently served in Italy. What about pasta salads? A dish ready in a flash! For example: boiled farfalle, cut mozzarella, tomatoes, ham, hard cheese and salad mix, with balsamic sauce poured over it. You can also try a more full-bodied combination - pasta with salmon and spinach, dried tomatoes and olives or with seasonal mushrooms. However not only pasta can be a foundation of a varied meal. Groats are equally delicious and nutritious, especially pearl barley and buckwheat groats. Together with vegetables and meat they form unique flavour compositions. 

Preparing a simple and yet a nourishing lunch will take no longer than half an hour. All you need to do is choose correct ingredients and then it will become an invigorating, balanced meal, satisfying your hunger. Nevertheless, if there are some dedicated sandwich lovers among us, we recommend choosing mostly wholegrain bread. Taking care of your organism is an investment in well-being. 

Small bows pasta with fava beans and nut pesto 
Spring pasta with vegetables and chicken 
Pasta salad with corn salad