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If you have to go snacking, benefit from it.

Snacks are a bit of a troublesome topic. They are mostly associated with nibbling and weight gain. This is the result of the fact that in times of weakness and urgent need we reach for the things that are readily available: sweets, salted nuts or crisps. And after all there are different ways to satisfy a small eating urge (and sometimes simply to pass the time). All you need is a bit of inspiration and willingness for culinary experiments and the impulse to reach for unhealthy snacks will soon be forgotten. 

The less time it takes to prepare a snack, the more frequent it becomes at your kitchen.After all, that is what its role is about - be tasty and preferably at call.It is good to begin fighting with weaknesses with switching valueless snack with their healthier counterparts.Tins and jars are worth filling with nuts, cereals and dried fruits, whereas natural yoghurt supplies should be replenished all the time.It is a perfect alternative for fatty crisps with a plethora of salt.We should admit that dietitians are right when they glorify the beneficial effect of nuts, seeds and wholegrain products all the time.Not only is that beneficial effect noticeable, it is also evident, as skin and nail healthiness depends on the way we eat.

Muesli bars are a proof that combining delicious with nutritious is possible; it can involve different flavour combinations and the nutrition values can be freely modified. Wholegrain cereals, cranberries, honey, nuts and in special cases, even chocolate.Sounds good?It does taste good too.The majority of recipes for bars is limited to cooking the ingredients in a such way that they can be formed in a mass which then should be spread across a baking tray, baked and finally cut into pieces.The trouble with muesli bars lies in the storage time.They vanish long before they have a chance to reach their best-before date.It is similar in case of wholegrain cookies with pumpkin and honey you just cannot stop eating once you begin.When you feel like having a less sweet snack, we recommend satisfying that craving using wholegrain base filled with vegetables, cheese, salmon, chicken... And once again we found out that possibilities are countless!Wholegrain tortilla with vegetables is an instant solution, with some character added by our favourite sauce (home-made, of course).

French toast with caramelized fruits
Wholegrain pound cake with pear, apples and raspberry icing