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What seasoning should be used in pasta dishes?

Seasoning plays a very important role in every cuisine. Thanks to seasoning our cooked dishes gain flavour and allow to satisfy even the most demanding palates. 

Seasoning is an ingredient added to dishes, usually in minute quantities in order to improve their flavour, scent and in rare cases (such as using curcuma) visual features. 

The main herbs added to dishes prepared basing on wholegrain pastas include basil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage and marjoram. 

Basil is a spice commonly used in Italian cuisine. It creates a perfect composition with all sorts of vegetables, but preferably tomatoes. Thanks to this set you can receive an ideal pasta dish in a very quick and simple way. Spices such as: garlic, thyme, rosemary and oregano match basil perfectly. 

Garlic is not only an important spice, but also a secret weapon of natural medicine. This condiment is truly indispensable in Polish, Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisine. Garlic is used in certain soups (borscht, tomato soup, sour rye soup), meats and also tomato-based sauces. It has an excellent taste when combined with basil. 

Rosemary is used mainly in Italian cuisine to prepare recipes involving lamb, pork or beef, as well as oily fish. This herb creates a perfect composition with garlic as a condiment used for roast lamb, meat goulashes and marinades. It also truly invigorates tomato sauces and combination of those and pasta creates delightful dishes. 

Thyme is a herb popular in French cuisine. An excellent composition when combined with pasta and veal, variety meats and all kinds of fish. It is also used to spice every dish involving cheeses, tomatoes and eggs. This herb provides a perfect composition with marjoram, basil, oregano, sage or garlic. 

Sage greatly improves the taste of dishes with addition of pork, veal or goat cheese. Furthermore, it is wonderful in making seafood aromatic.